Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shutter Saturday

We have had a busy day and I'm worn out!!! Baseball practice this morning, quick bite to eat before we went to the MU gymnastics/wrestling event The Beauty and the Beast. Both teams are excellent and finished the days with wins. Audrey loved the gymnastics. After that we ran a few errands and then home for food and football. Not real happy with how the Falcons/Packers game is going.

A wrap up of my weekly pictures.

Sunday: New York City according to Dart with Audrey's new Lite Brite.
Monday: The view out our back door. Kids out of school early. 

Tuesday: Digital card I made so I could use both their pictures. First snow day.
Wednesday: A little peak at a Valentine's Banner I made for the Etsy shop.
Thursday: Audrey doing what she spends most of her time doing. Being an "artist". 
Friday: Audrey giving me a mean face. She wanted to snuggle the puppy next door longer.
Saturday: One of the gymnast during the meet. Audrey had so much fun.
Because today was so busy I'm really glad we have a 3 day weekend! If you have a 3 day weekend what are you doing with your extra day?

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