Monday, September 13, 2010

Make it Monday

Right now my make it Monday list is a lot of "finish....." Trying to get some of these projects I have started finished up so I can move on to new stuff. Problem is I keep coming up with stuff I want to do so I stop to make one and then get all excited and want to make more. So my plan for this week is finish a project make one of a new idea, repeat, repeat, repeat. I have been a little better about sketching or writing down my ideas instead of making one right away.

This weeks list of Make it:
Finish snowman cards I started
Make more Halloween cards(so many ideas for those)
Design business cards(I've decided I'm making them myself, not getting them printed, at least for now)
Finish monster cards started
Finish Halloween tags started
Make Thank You card for a friend
Start sketching some ideas for Christmas cards

And because it's been a few posts since I've posted a picture:
This little guy was a crowd favorite at the Omaha Zoo when we were there this summer. People were throwing food into the fish and some of the monkey's. He climbed down to the log he is on and would toss his arm up in the air and wait for someone to throw him a piece of bread, eat it and then arm back up waiting for more. I think Audrey could have spent the rest of the day watching them. He's being used in a Christmas gift!

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