Sunday, September 12, 2010

7 on Sunday

My best friend and I are slowly growing apart.

Lots of creating done this weekend and I can't wait to show it off.

So I want to start doing a recurring thing on Sunday called 7 on Sunday. Will vary as to what it is, could be 7 things I find inspiring, 7 things on my wish list, or 7 totally random thoughts.

This week will be random.

1. Had a busy weekend that involved Dart tail gating at the MU game, going to a birthday party, Dart going to the MU game(and what a great game it was), me having a PTA meeting at Olive Garden and baseball practice.

2. Tomorrow we start the Walking School Bus. Kids and I are very excited. Even though we don't live close to our school we are still joining. Looking forward to the exercise early in the morning.

3. Lots of ideas rolling around in my head regarding Pink Owl Crafts. Working on business cards, packaging ideas and so much more.

4. So happy that football now counts. Although I think Detroit was robbed today and I was cheering for the Bears.

5. Getting very excited for fall and the cooler temps and the smells. Already burning my pumpkin candle. Now if the gas station would hurry up and get pumpkin spice cappuccinos back.

6. Although I am not blowing my nose near as much as I was a few days ago, my ribs are hurting like crazy from coughing. Really ready for allergy season to be over.

7. Finally got all caught up on HGTV's Design Star thanks to Although I really wanted Casey to win it all, was very glad Emily ended up winning. She really made me think about my style and why I'm drawn to the things that inspire me. Since I've put more thought into this I have found that creating is so much easier. Now to just catch up on Project Runway. I'm way behind so no spoilers please.

Back tomorrow with Make it Monday. 

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