Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Friends is the best TV show EVER!!! Watched it last night. I have all 10 seasons, the finale on dvd by itself, "the one with all the parties" and the 2 other volumes.

2. We were a house divided for the title game. Dart was cheering for LSU and I was Roll Tide! Not the best game, but I liked the victory.

3. On October 13th Alabama will play Mizzou. I'm thinking that might be a good weekend to leave town. Not looking forward to the craziness that will be CoMo that weekend.

4. Got the new Boden catalog yesterday. So many cute things in it! I think I want every cardigan in there.

5. Typing this while I watch Carl Edwards on Live with Kelly. Love Carl and how much he loves being from CoMo.

6. Audrey goes back to gymnastics tonight and can't wait. She even got a new leotard to wear.

7. Yesterday Audrey and I made onion soup mix and taco seasoning. Found the recipes on Pinterest. Will let you know what we think after we have something with them.

8. Speaking of Pinterest, I am seriously addicted to that site. I love it not only for the ideas I get from it, but for the fact that later on when I'm looking for something I can easily find it. I have converted most things I had bookmarked as far as ideas went to there. It's so awesome.

9. This is probably going to come back to bite me soon, but I WANT SNOW! We have been above normal in temps lately. In the 60's a couple of times and even close to 70 one day. It's winter. I have a feeling our spring is going to be COLD!

10. Something to think about: "Cards aren't just for sending, they are for receiving." When was the last time you sent a card just because you wanted someone to know you were thinking about them.

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