Friday, December 30, 2011

December in an Instagram

Just a few things from December via Instagram. I downloaded the app earlier this month and have LOVED it. Don't know why I waited so long.

This one lost her first tooth! She was beginning to think she'd never lose one. And her best friend lost his first tooth just a few days before her.

Went to see Hugo. Dart's class had been reading it and his teacher was hoping to go as a class, however a freak snow hit and with it taking us over an hour and a half to get to school(normal trip is 13 minutes) she decided to cancel. School wasn't canceled, but his class only had 13 kids that day because of this freak storm.

The elves got a little naughty, toothpaste all over the sink and they wrote on the mirror with my makeup! Dart and Audrey thought this was HILARIOUS!

He decided to give all of us a heart attack. Got a call shortly after I tucked my kids into bed saying "I just talked to your brother, he's in the hospital. Seth found him passed out on his floor." After sitting at the ER for almost 3 hours we were told, "we can't find anything. follow up with your cardiologist over break." For those who don't know my brother, Jake had open heart surgery in Jan this year to reconstruct his coronary artery. He only has one and so they went in and did some changing to it. He and his friend were supposed to meet and when he didn't show up Seth went to find out why and found him passed out on his floor in his dorm. Thank GOD Seth knew his history and took him straight to the ER.

Modeling one of 2 new scarves I made her. She has the model tude down!

More crazy antics from the elves. That is MY ice cream!

Passing time on the longest day of the year for a kid, Christmas Eve! They spent time wrestling with Uncle and playing outside since it was so nice. No snow, lots of sun and temps in the upper 50's.

Christmas tree at my mom's. All ready for Christmas Day!

All set for her first trip to the American Girl Doll store. She fell in love, but is waiting to get the new doll of the year, which is going to be a gymnast, just like her.

My new Owl from Build a Bear. It was a birthday present from my mom. I got to open it early since we won't be at her house for my birthday.

I may have a few more to share from December, but this captures the majority of our month.

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