Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mini-Goals Update

  • 10 orders at Shopapalooza. I'm really not sure how many people will be there, so I'm shooting for this. Would LOVE more, but will be very happy with 10.-Did not happen. Let me say though, I'm not disappointed. There were only 5 shoppers, hard to get 10 orders when 10 people did not walk through the door.
  • Get Elf plans made for December. The kids have elves who spend from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve with us and I want the plans made ahead of time this year. Tired of scrambling to figure out what I want to do.-I've got a good start. Working on some new fun things for the elves to do each day in order to deliver their notes. I'm excited!
  • List something new in the Etsy shop every week day. Will try for Sat and Sun as well, but week days will be awesome!!-I think I've missed a couple of days, but for the most part I'm doing well. I did miss a Friday, but listed 2 items on Saturday so that makes up for the Friday.
  • Start Christmas gifts. As I said in a previous post, most of the adults are getting all hand made gifts so I need to get started. Kids are getting a few handmade gifts as well. -The lists are started. I have lots of ideas marked so I'm ready to really get going on the stuff. Have a few other things on the to do list before I can really get started on these. 

I also want to put this out there. Yesterday our hot water heater was fixed by a small local business. I know I am always pushing buy handmade, buy small when it comes to gifts, but after yesterday I was reminded that we need to not only support handmade, but support other small, local businesses. Whether it be a repair to your home or car, getting your oil changed, yard service, and even eating out. Don't get me wrong, I know there are times it's just not possible, I know we all love our Applebee's or Chili's(believe me I know about Chili's I could live on their chips and salsa!). I know getting your oil changed at a chain is usually cheaper, but the service you will get from a small shop is going to beat the price any day. I know the economy is bad and so we need to cut costs wherever we can, but these people are your neighbors, their kids go to school with your kids, they are the ones who will be there when you need someone. Supporting local companies in anyway we can supports the cities we live in.

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