Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Chopped my hair today! I love it. Will try and take a picture later. It went from my shoulder blades to now being just below my chin. Actually has a style and body to it!

2. Dinner is in the crockpot and I can't wait to eat chicken tacos tonight. Love the crockpot on Tuesdays when Audrey has gymnastics.

3. Tonight we meet with the superintendent to discuss boundary changes and bond issues. Sounds like fun doesn't it!?

4. Does anyone know where I can buy transparencies? Seems no one uses them anymore now that most teachers have smartboards. I need some for scrapbooking!!

5. I went to bed early last night and while I didn't fall asleep for a while, I feel much better today. Spent probably an hour in bed reading. It was so nice.

6. Why oh why do toy makers not think little girls want advent calendars like the lego ones for boys? For a couple of years Audrey had a Littlest Pet Shop one and loved it. Now if you find one on Amazon they are like $70+. UGH!! She doesn't play with legos so buying the lego one is out.

7. You have to read this article about choosing your battles.

8. Got some fun new goodies to play with later. A new punch and some masks. Also got some adhesive, but that's not all that exciting.

9. My hot water heater is being fixed as I type this. In the last few days it went from working fine to having about 3 minutes worth of luke warm water if you were lucky! Not good when it's COLD outside.

10. The weather is GORGEOUS right now. Nice and sunny with temps in the 70's. Tomorrow...Upper 40's for the high. God love Missouri weather!!

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