Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday

to my Mom!!! I am so thankful everyday that she was my mom. I wasn't always the easiest child(how many of us are), but she always had so much patience and was always there for me. I am so thankful everyday that my kids are lucky enough to have her as their "Moo Moo"!

 She does crazy things with the kids like jump off the fireplace!

She takes them all sorts of fun places like football games, baseball games, the zoo, and more!!

She decorates the house for every holiday, especially Christmas. Trees in every room, a huge set up of candy, cookies and more on the table. She has more patience than any person I know. She is a special ed teacher and loves all her kids like they are her own. She is AWESOME!! Hope you had the best birthday ever mom!!

In other news, the principal at the kids school announced she is retiring at the end of the year. I know when she told the PTSO board we all cried, I can only imagine how it was when she told the teachers. When I told Audrey she cried most of the way home. The kids, parents, and staff all love her and are going to miss her more greatly. She has been amazing!

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