Monday, November 21, 2011

To do this week, Menu Plan

No menu really to plan this week. Tonight we are having the roast we didn't have last week. Tomorrow the kids and I are heading to my mom's after Audrey is done with gymnastics. The rest of the week we are at my mom's. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

To do this week:
  • Shop update(in progress as I type)
  • Edit pictures for a gift
  • Edit sisters pictures
  • gift boxes
  • gift bags
  • PACK
I won't get all my sisters pictures done, but I can get some done for her.

I do have some posts planned for this week and will be updating from my mom's. I cannot wait to be with my family and hang out with my cousins. We always have so much fun and usually end up laughing until we cry and our sides hurt. I need this break, because then it will be crazy season for sure!

I'll be back later when I have my shop update for today done. Will do more tomorrow as well.

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