Monday, April 4, 2011

Make it Monday...

Lots made this weekend so I'm hoping I can stay on that track. I already made one card set today and have the stuff for another on my desk. These are fairly simple sets, which I think is my thing. I love creating something simple and stepping it up with things like glitter, paint, coloring, etc. I'm going to sound like a Kindergartener here, but I LOVE COLORING. I'm hoping I can find some more in depth coloring books at the library. More on shadowing, etc.

One the list for this week:
  • Mother's Day cards, it's a month away!!!! Card sets are a wonderful gift for those moms who have everything. 
  • Digital Cards for invites. I have a few started.
  • A couple birthday card sets
  • A couple general greeting card sets
  • Baseball picture designs. I am taking pictures for my son's baseball team this week and I want to try some cool overlay designs and different things on them. I designed one very simple one today that I think the parents will like. 
  • I'm also hoping to get some things started for Teacher Appreciation Week for the kids teachers. I decided I'm not doing end of the year things since that and Teacher Appreciation week are fairly close. I'd like to do something small and different everyday for Teacher Appreciation week with a bigger gift on Friday. I'm thinking things like bookmarks, mini books, cards, and ???? any ideas. 
A set of these went in the Etsy shop today! The set includes the card shown, a bunny and a basket! 
 Hope you had a perfect Monday!


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