Sunday, April 3, 2011

7 on Sunday

1. Decided to start up my shuttercal calendar again. I really hope I can keep up better this time. I tried to do it again in Jan and did okay, but in March I think I took a total of 30 pictures. March was such a hard month for me.

2. The sun is out the temps are in the upper 70's and I'm watching hockey! Not a bad Sunday. PGA Golf Tourney will be on later. The only thing that would make it better is if I got a baseball game. Stinks not having cable or satellite.

3. The last couple of nights I've had the same dream about starting an event planning/decor business. In my dream I have even seen things I've designed for different events. Crazy!

4. Next weekend is Dart's first tournament. Hoping we have nice weather for it. Friday is Grandparent's Day at school and my mom and step-dad and grandma and grandpa will be in town for it. Yea!

5. Watched 127 Hours last night. WOW!! That is intense. It is a good movie, but wow, I wonder if I could do that if put in that position.

6. Last weekend we had snow and this weekend we stand a chance of tornadoes. Gotta love Missouri weather.

7. I'm hoping to get something new in my etsy shop everyday this week. Right now I have 3 things ready to go.

A closer look at the card set I posted yesterday.

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