Thursday, April 7, 2011

And so it begins...

the craziness is upon us. Tomorrow is Grandparent's Day at school. My mom and step dad and my grandma and grandpa are coming from Kansas City and then Mark's mom and dad and hopefully his grandma will all be there for it. The kids love it, the grandparents love it, the staff loves it(when it's over). Really everyone does love the day. With a student body of over 500 in a building meant for 300 it can be a bit crazy, but we make it work. We welcome grandparents from all over the WORLD, yes I said world. Last year we had some from Africa. That just blows my mind. They plan their vacation around grandparents day so they can be here for it each year. This year PTA decided to make posters to let the grandparents know what all has been done for their darlings. Worked on those for over 2 hours today. They look awesome though. Will have to get pics tomorrow with my good camera.

Also this weekend is our first baseball tournament. YAY!!! I love me some baseball and can't wait to see the boys play. Although I hope and pray they look better than they did at last nights practice. It was like "The Bad News Bears." We also did team pictures last night so that may have played a role in their craziness.

They all look so much older in their new uniforms. Last year it was just whatever pants and t-shirts for the jerseys. This year we have "real" jersey's, matching pants, and really cool fitted hats. The boys are so excited to actually play a game.

This little guy is the brother of one of our players. He and another little boy are our "mascots". Chase is not a fan of having his picture taken so when I was downloading my pics last night and came across this I knew his mom was going to be excited. This is totally Chase. Ornery grin, not looking directly at the camera. Today was his mom's 30th birthday and she was dreading the day, but I know when she opened her email this morning and saw this picture all was right in her world. I so enjoy taking these kinds of pictures over the posed ones. I'm more relaxed when my subjects are relaxed. Not to say I don't pose them some, but the fact that they aren't in some unnatural pose makes all the difference in the world.

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