Saturday, March 12, 2011

Negative Feedback

Last week I received a convo on Etsy from someone wanting a custom order. She needed it this weekend and was great about explaining what she wanted. A brocade or paisley print in pastel colors for a birthday party. I found a gorgeous paisley print and emailed her the picture of it to make sure it was okay. I LOVED it and thought she would too. Her response was "Don't like, I would rather have a simple polka dot or swirl print in pastel pink, green, purple, yellow and blue." I had a feeling at this point that nothing I did from this point on would make her happy. I decided this time when I found paper I would only buy 1 of what I found and make sure she liked it and then go back and get the rest. I found 3 I liked and sent her pictures of those. She didn't like any of those 3 so she decided on a plain pastel background with pastel letters. Okay, got all that done and sent her the proof before sealing everything. She replied back "I forgot to tell you I wanted a layered background with scallop edges on each layer. I also want a spacer reading Aubrey and Sage turn 2 and another one with a flower stamp or something on it." Mind you this is now Tuesday evening and it has to go in the mail Wednesday.  Along the way she also added cupcake toppers. When she added the 2 spacers it put her into the next price range for the banner.  I got an email from her this morning, she received her items, but is very disappointed in the quality of them. I kind of knew that was coming. I knew after her changing her mind on her print that nothing I did would make her happy. I'm sure she will leave me negative feedback, which will upset me a bit, but I am taking this experience and learning from it and moving on. I have learned to ask more questions upfront to make sure I get a full picture of what they want from the beginning. I am going to learn to go with my gut when I feel like no matter what happens it will not make the customer happy. I haven't charged her the difference for adding more to her banner and now I won't. I am happy with the banner, I think it looks good and I know it was well made. The cupcake toppers I was a bit concerned with since they were a much larger size then I've made before. I will make changes if I make any that large again, but that will only be done on a custom order, other than that I'm sticking to the smaller size.

I hope this is my last experience with this sort of thing, but I'm sure it won't be. I really hope I am handling this the right way. I have not expressed frustration or anything but pleasantness towards her. I have been kind and apologetic to her for her disappointment. I will just see how she responds. I have asked her why she was disappointed in my banner, as I have never received anything but wonderful feedback on them. Do you think I am handling this in the right way?

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by the tragedy in Japan. I cannot imagine what they are experiencing right now. My thoughts and prayers are also with those who were affected here in the US.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and don't forget to change your clocks tonight before you go to bed. Not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep, but am looking forward to more daylight!

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