Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Not complaining at all mind you. I have had a rush of banner requests in the last week and so I have been busy. I love making banners, especially when they are custom orders. I've done one for a small crafty business who wanted it for her table at craft fairs, working on one for a bachelorette party, and one for a birthday party. Got one today for someone who wants to use it in their maternity shoot. What an awesome idea. The only downfall to all of these orders, more ideas for other banners. I have stuff to start making graduation banners. I'm also going to add cupcake toppers to the shop. Had a request for a few of them so I figure that will go good with banners. I can't wait to make some for Easter as well. I got the cutest Easter stamps that will be perfect on cupcake toppers.

When I'm not crafting I seem to be at a PTA meeting of some sort or baseball practice. Last night was our first practice outside and it was COLD!! I was smart and took my own chair and a blanket. Figured the bleachers might be cold. Even with those things I froze. Next time I'm taking hot chocolate too. The boys loved it though. They were so glad to finally get to play outside and not be stuck inside all the time.

A look at a set of cards I made a little while back. Thank you cards or any card sets are great gift ideas for moms and grandmas or any female in your life. We always seem to need a card at the last minute. And if you have a card on hand you are more likely to actually send it than if you have to go out and buy some.

Hope everyone is having a good Fat Tuesday. It is rainy and yucky and cold in Columbia, dreaming of sunshine and 70 degree temperatures.

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