Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Favorites

Decided to post some of my favorite things as of lately.

First, I WANT this for my birthday. So adorable...
Would she not look adorable on top of a cake...Found in KidsCakes

These little cuties would be adorable for a birthday party.
I finally saw Despicable Me not to long ago and these little guys were too adorable in the movie. Found in EntirelySweet

I absolutely love this pendant. I have been stalking Etsy for pendants a lot lately, but there are way too many cute ones, I can't decide which one I want. This one was found in TightlyWound

I have this fabric, I just can't decide what I want to make with it. I love this bin. Found on Google Images.

I have been reconnected with my colored pencils the last couple of days and I am really enjoying it. Found on Google Images.

And on to cupcakes. I have a major craving for chocolate cupcakes right now.

 Are these not the cutest cupcake wrappers! I really want to figure out the pattern for making cupcake wrappers. Found in ThatsaWrap

The following are amazing cupcakes I found on Google Images. I am loving Google Images lately.

I don't think I could eat these. WAY TO CUTE to even eat!!!

These make me think of my mom, who loves cows. These would be so cute for Mother's Day.

Audrey would love these for her birthday. These wouldn't even need cupcakes to go down in.

I'm off to find something chocolate, need to give in to this craving, hope ice cream will work.

Have a Great Weekend!!

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