Friday, February 25, 2011

A trip down memory lane

So as I was doing some stuff on Etsy today I noticed that one of my favorite shops had favorited some things from my childhood. Things like Smurf drinking glasses. Remember those? Well it got me started on looking for other things. Things like Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobbie, Betsy Clark and Fisher Price toys. Oh the memories that are flooding me now.

Do any of the following items bring back memories for you?

Found in this Etsy Shop. I remember fondly playing with a stove top just like this one.

This record player found in Toysofthepast on Etsy.

 I LOVED this toy when I was little. Found here

Not sure this was the exact desk I had, but I know I had one very similar. Found in Smilehood

 To this day I remember this camera well. I remember having to put the flash in the top and flip it over when one side was full. Found in rustEgold

This doctor kit. I remember it always being lots of fun to try and get the pieces all back where they belong. Found this here.

And then there was this tape player. Which is actually what started my search for the Fisher Price toys. I remember this like it was yesterday. Listening to my tapes that came with books. My favorite was a Strawberry Shortcake book and tape. My aunt says I drove her crazy with the tape. Found this here.

And of course there were things like the Little People that I could do another whole post about.

Any memories coming back to you looking at these pictures? I would love to hear from anyone who had these toys also. 

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  1. Oh man, I remember all those toys! If I didn't have them, my friends did. Quite a few fond memories of playing for many hours with the doctor kit, the cash register, the record player. My favorite toys from the past were the Fisher Price Little People. I still have the plane and the schoolhouse, but somewhere along the way my barn got sold (which I regret frequently, and have yet to find one to replace it). I also had a McDonald's play set, it was a McDonald's building with people, food trays, cars, and the Golden Arches. It also had a cash register that dinged when you tapped on it.

    Ah the memories! Thanks for the post!


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