Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11th Day of Christmas

11 Pictures I want to remember to take.

1. Mom's Dining room table covered in all the goodies. She goes all out baking and I can't wait to see the table covered.

2. Tree on Christmas Eve. Lights all off, just the lights on the tree, packages all along the bottom.

3. Everyone dressed for Midnight(10:00) Mass.

4. Stockings all hung on the fireplace.

5. The kids Christmas morning with their Santa gifts.

6. The living room after we open presents before it gets cleaned up.

7. The snow we have right now.

8. The little bits of decoration we have at home.

9. The trees in all the rooms at my mom's house. She puts a tree in everyone room or decorates every room, including the main bathroom. It has a Santa Outhouse theme. So adorable.

10. My mom's kitchen while we are rushing to get all the last minute goodies and stuff for Christmas Eve baked and then once we have it all clean for Christmas Eve Dinner.

11. The tree with no presents under it after they are all opened.

Already planning a mini book in my head of the Christmas pictures. Have some ideas of some cool spins on the traditional pictures.

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