Friday, October 29, 2010

Updating Make it Monday

So far I have actually crossed a few things off my list! Added a few things to it as well, but I'm happy I got some things crossed off.

Finish Audrey's Halloween skirt(just need to get the elastic in the waist, but need her to make sure it fits)-She wore it yesterday and as long as she doesn't suck in her stomach it stays on her. Will post pictures later.
Christmas card orders filled
Gift Card boxes made and in etsy shop-working on them.
Halloween mini book made and in etsy shop
Make some stuff for a giveaway on a friends blog(CAN'T WAIT!)
finish some projects that are almost done, just need small things to be DONE!-Still have some left, but I got about 3 things finished, so I'm happy with that.
A couple of banner orders that I just received YAHOO!-Got one done and have added 2 more orders.

Made a list of things I want to get done between now and the middle of November so those will be appearing on Make it Monday lists soon. I need to stop coming up with things I want to make though. Which might mean I need to stay away from Etsy because it inspires me so much. Nah, I'll just keep adding to the list. 

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