Friday, September 24, 2010

Must get through....

This coming week. October 2nd is the BIG fundraiser at Dart and Audrey's school and I am co-chair of the committee as well as volunteer coordinator for it. Working like crazy to get volunteers arranged. Also working on getting volunteers for teachers to help with folders, copies, etc, and also working on room parent coordinating. Good thing I love coordinating.

Working on a few things in between for fun. Got a ton of stuff ready to go in my etsy shop, just need to get the pictures edited and descriptions done.

Kids had no school today and I had grand plans of getting a lot of this done, but we went and picked apples for the Buddy Packs at their school and then had to go handle the Sam's Club card for PTA also. By the time we got all that done and got stuff for dinner all I've done is work on room parent stuff.

Dart took a face first dive into the sidewalk earlier tonight. He's sporting a nice fat lip. Wonder how it will look for his birthday on Sunday. Can't believe my baby boy is going to be 9 in just a couple of days.

I am hoping to be back tomorrow for a few things, but if not I'm under a pile of papers I'm sure. Posting next week will be very scarce I'm sure, but maybe I can find a few minutes this weekend to pre-write some posts and schedule them to go up. Off to get caught up on all my tv shows I've missed this week with PTA and baseball. Glee is first on my list!

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