Sunday, September 19, 2010

7 on Sunday

Owls! I love owls. Not so much the realistic looking owls, but the cuter ones. I love them so much in fact I named my business after them...Pink Owl Crafts and Designs. So my 7 on Sunday this week is all about owls, mostly owl products I would love to own.

1. This stamp set by Hero Arts
found at

2. This fabric
found in a google search

3. This reusable bag would be so awesome to have:
found here

4. I'm not a big necklace kind of girl, but I would so wear this pendant:
found here

5. This hat! I would so wear this hat while doing the Walking School Bus.
found here

6. No clue what I would make with this fabric, but it is cute:
found here

7. This pendant. Maybe I'm becoming a necklace girl.
found here

So not only do I have an obsession with owls, I also have an obsession with, where most of these were found. I love etsy. All handmade stuff. Thinking I will be doing lots of Christmas shopping from etsy this year.

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