Monday, July 26, 2010

5 favorites this summer

Stole this from another blog, that at the moment I can't remember.  Might help if I could get my google reader cleaned out.

Movies: Since I haven't seen one in the theater since Diary of a Wimpy Kid it's all old stuff.  Field of Dreams(we went there a couple of weeks ago), Blind Side(yes, I'm a bit behind the times and have just seen the movie, but it is in my top 5 now), and Up(always a fav).  These are just a few that we've been watching.

Drink: trying to do more water and less pop, however I also am loving lemonade a lot lately.

Music: I absolutely love Kenny Chesney's "Boys of Fall".  Other than that I'm lucky if I get to control the music when the kids are around.  On my playlist it's the same old stuff: Glee soundtracks and a mix of all other types of music.

Food: We have been HORRIBLE this summer when it comes to eating.  I'm really ready to get back into a routine of cooking and eating better.  With it being summer tomatoes and avocados are on the top of my list.  Could eat them and corn all day long.

Other: baseball, we have spent a ton of time at the baseball fields this summer and I've loved every second of it, although I am looking forward to a couple of weeks off before fall practice starts.  Wipeout, LOVE that show. 

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