Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cannot seem to catch a break

Just when I was thinking, "okay, things are looking more organized and caught up" slap in the face to bring me back to reality.  Both kids had their well child check this morning and all was going good, so I thought.  That was until the Dr started discussing history of heart problems.  They "heard" something on Dart's and so they ordered an EKG.  No results on that yet, hopefully tomorrow, because I might go bonkers if we have to wait until Monday.  They did say it didn't sound like a murmur.  Although they didn't think it was serious enough that he couldn't play baseball this weekend.  However, as a mom, the letters EKG together and heart problem are never words you want to hear.  I'm trying to keep myself calm about it all, but that is a scary thing.  I'm to the point that the head thing and him passing out don't send me into a panic, but the words "history of heart problems" do make me stop and stress. 

Because of this my day was all off today.  Hoping for a good weekend of good baseball.
Another mom and I put together 7 pairs of flip flops for the weekend and fall.  The boys team is the Krusherz and the colors are red, black, white and gray.  Cannot wait to try out our flip flops this weekend.  I also made Audrey some hair clips for the weekend.  Just hoping Mother Nature is on our side and we don't melt. 

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