Sunday, August 1, 2010

33 before 34 update

I probably should have updated this in July since that was the half way point to my birthday, but hey a month later is not to bad, especially since this weekend I learned a few of these things to cross off my list.  YAHOO!!!  Still not great at them, but the fact that I am able to do them makes me happy.  

33 Things to before I turn 34:
1. Complete Couch to 5K(this will be a biggy for me. Want to run the Turkey Trot)
2. Learn to knit-almost ready to give up on this, but this weekend I got another lesson and am happily working on a dish rag/pot holder/I don't know what at this point, but it will be something.
3. Learn to applique-my mom showed me this evening how to do this and I will be testing it tomorrow!!
4. Learn all things blogger has
5. Improve PSE skills-still learning this one, but my skills have improved a ton since the beginning of the year.
6. Get my craft business up and going-work in progress, but I do have my etsy shop up and am working like crazy to get stuff in it.  So excited to have a few new skills under my belt to use towards things in my shop.
7. Be Happy with myself
8. Project 365(I might put those pictures here as well)-haven't done so hot on this and need to update my shuttercal, but I have done better this year than I did last so I'm happy with myself.
9. Learn all about my Wacom Tablet-am going a bit crazy at this moment because my tablet is not plugged in.  NOT a fan of my laptop mouse anymore.  LOVE LOVE LOVE my tablet!
10. Read 6 Classics, including Little Women-HAHA!  Have started Little Women, still have time.
11. Learn to embroider-Why oh why did I think this was so hard to do.  Don't know too many stitches, but can definitely embroider something if I want.
12. Learn all about flicker-Still working on this one, but love the groups I've found and it's a daily stop when I'm on the net.
13. Be more green
14. Journal weekly(some here and some in a journal)-FAIL!
15. Make time to create daily-I'm doing okay on this one.  I try and do something daily whether it be with pictures or paper or something.
16. Get a mani and pedi(shocker, I've never had either)
17. Explore more with digital scrapping
18. Take better care of me
19. Take a Jessica Sprague class
20. Let go of things better
21. Take a photography class
22. Start a garden
23. Print pictures monthly-HAH!
24. Do more sewing-Now that I have a machine again(and a Viking again LOVE!!) and some new skills(I feel like Napolean Dynamite using the word skills) I can't wait to do more sewing. 
25. Yoga
26. Be better with money
27. Start a blog for me(Yahoo! One complete, now to keep it up)
28. Explore more of my creative side
29. Send more "fun" cards
30. Learn more about movie maker
31. Make a book of me
32. Menu plan weekly(week 1 good)-excited to get back to this since school will be starting soon.  I miss cooking and planning.
33. Learn more about my copics and different coloring techniques

I'm hoping that my let go of things more one will be put to use on this list some.  Letting go and being okay that I won't get them all accomplished before my birthday.  However some of these things have been on a list for years so getting to cross them off will make me very happy.  I think instead of start a blog for me, next year it will be keep up with said blog better, although I'm hoping to make that happen the rest of this year.  Can't wait to show off some of my projects.

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