Saturday, July 10, 2010

At the Moment

Listening: ITunes: right at this moment Don't Stop Believing from the Glee Soundtrack

Eating: Nothing, had tacos for dinner.  Thinking about ice cream

Drinking: Coke

Wearing: MU jammy pants, tank top and MU basketball t-shirt

Feeling: Creative

Weather: Not to bad.  Finally had a couple of days with no rain.

Wanting: More hours in the day.

Needing: Laundry done, bags packed for vacation, more hours in the day.

Thinking: about logo designs for both businesses. About vacation next week.

Enjoying: inky fingers and a craft table covered in a project.

Wondering: how I can get more hours in the day.

I sense a pattern in what is going on at the moment with me....needing more time.  We(the kids and I) are heading to my moms on Monday after baseball practice. We will wake up nice and early Tuesday and head to Omaha to see the zoo and family.  Then we will spend Wednesday driving to Iowa and hopefully stopping at an outlet mall.  Thursday will be spent in "Heaven"(The Field of Dreams) and driving back to my moms.  I am looking forward to it.  Maybe not all the time on the road, but the rest of it yes!!  Trying to get some stuff together for the kids to make the ride a little more bearable.  My kids for whatever reason are not big car sleepers.  We'll see how they do waking up and being gone by 7:00 after it being a late night getting to my moms.  Of course that's what DVD players and IPods are for also.  Thank you to whoever was smart enough to invent those 2 things.  Which reminds me need to add make sure IPods are charged and updated to my to-do list.

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