Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Exciting stuff going on

So for a while I debated about not even giving this a go.  Hit a rough spot and just felt uninspired and blah for a while.  However, I've been re-inspired and am ready to go.  I have a memory game sitting on my table at this moment waiting to be colored.  I have planned 4th of July pinwheels, lots of cards sketched out and waiting for me, a few mini books I want to put together and lots of other stuff.

The biggest news right now is I have one thing listed in my etsy shop.  Very excited about it, although it was made by my grandpa.  It's a jar opener that mounts under your cabinets therefore leaving both hands free to hold the jar to make it easier to open.  Works great for anyone with arthritis, even really bad cases.  My grandma has a horrible time with her hands and she is able to open pretty much any jar or even bottle out there.  I only have one Jar Opener listed, however I have lots more on hand to sell. 

Also right now through the end of July I am running a "Christmas" in July special.  Buy any one item get your choice of 10 Christmas tags or 5 greeting cards free.  If you are interested in purchasing something please email me at pinkowldesigns@gmail.com.  Working to get more samples posted here and some more items in the etsy shop as well. 

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