Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A couple of notes...

Hoping to be back later with a real post, but wanted to update a couple of things.

2 items on my bucket list I posted the other day are either done or in the works.  I have listed something in my etsy shop.  Jar Opener Working on lots of other stuff to list there, and a "Christmas in July" sale.  It involves a free item with every purchase, everyone loves free right!?!  And last week Mark and I celebrated 10 years, and for my gift he bought me a copy of Little Women.  My mom bought me a copy years ago, but has since taken it back to display with all her Little Women dolls.  Now I have a copy I can read and then hand down to Audrey in a few years.  Plan to start reading it after I read "Sizzling Sixteen" which I will be picking up at the library tomorrow.  Can't wait to read it, usually doesn't take me long to get through Janet Evanovich's books, especially the Stephanie Plum series. 

I'm working on some more concrete ideas of how I want this blog to go, or more so how often I plan to update.  Life has just felt really crazy lately and while I don't feel I'm getting more control over certain areas in my life, I've decided to really focus on those that I do have control over, like this blog.  My biggest struggle lately is so many ideas, so little time.  If only I didn't have to actually sleep I might be okay.  With it being summer the kids have been staying up later and I feel like my "me" time is getting less and less.  We are working to get back to an earlier bedtime with them.  Not as early as during school, but earlier than say 1:00 that it's been a few nights.  It's been so nice outside that we've been spending most of our evenings out there with neighbors and time gets away from me.  Although it's been nice having Audrey sleep past 7:30. 

Dart has his last baseball game for regular season tomorrow night.  Then come July 5th we start practicing at least twice a week for the Show Me State Games.  He is so excited about that.  Then it won't be long after those that we will begin practice for fall baseball.  He has decided to skip at least this year of football and focus on baseball, we will see if he goes back to football at all.  If he doesn't that's fine, he says he can't wait for college and NFL football to start back up though.  He has absolutely loved baseball this year so he really wants to focus on that. And tennis.  All the boy talks about lately is tennis.  He gets that from his mom, although he's more into it at 8 than I ever was. 

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