Thursday, June 24, 2010

At the Moment:

Something I think I will be doing weekly. Quick and easy, but a great way to record the everyday things for myself.

Listening to: Paperclipping Roundtable Podcast.  All about scrapbooking.  Love this podcast.

Eating: nothing, but thinking about cutting up some cucumbers and tomatoes to eat.

Drinking: coke.  I know I know. But I need caffeine today.

Wearing: shorts, CYFL Golf Tournament t-shirt, no shoes!

Feeling: a bit stressed. Lots of pictures to edit and then life stuff.  Annoyed by stupid flies.

Weather: actually very nice for June in Missouri.  Low humidity and in the mid 80's.

Wanting: my download for Elements + to hurry up so I can work on pictures. So excited for it to be done. Tried CS5 and decided that I can do all the stuff I need and want and then some in elements and with elements+.  I love Elements and am really wanting to dig deeper into it and learn so much more about it.

Needing: to do dishes and pick up the house.

Thinking: oh so much stuff there.  About working on photos, baseball tonight and more.

Enjoying: the weather being a bit nicer, Audrey playing with her new stuff from her birthday.

Wondering: when Sizzling 16 will finally be in at the library for me to pick up.  I can't wait to get my yearly Ranger/Morelli fix.

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