Monday, March 22, 2010

Jar Openers

This isn't the type of post I will normally post, but it does involve passion in some ways. My grandfather makes these amazing jar openers. They mount under your cabinets by 2 very tiny screws(included), then you simply stick your jar up in it and twist. My grandmother who has horrible arthritis in her hands uses hers for everything. I am helping my grandpa sell them. They sell for $18.00+shipping. They make great gifts for newlyweds, graduates, new home, etc. My grandpa designed them when my grandma started having trouble with her hands and has since made more than he can count. He is always getting requests for more. My grandfather has a passion for woodworking. He is a major perfectionist when it comes to his wood. He sands until it is smooth as a baby's butt and then sands some more. He stains the openers and then adds his stamp to it. His passion shows in the quality of his work. The openers are made from quality wood, usually scraps he has left over from other projects. He inspires me to always go the extra step. When he was battling cancer a few years ago one thing he could not wait to be able to do was get back in his shop. As soon as he was feeling well enough he was back down in his shop, even if it meant simply picking stuff up and cleaning.

Works on most size jars from huge like pickle jars to small jars like olives and even smaller. Also works on 2ltr bottles, and bottles like soy sauce, vinegars, etc.

If interested in purchasing one, my email link is in the side bar.

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