Sunday, January 1, 2012

35 before 36!

My list is done!! I'm excited to see what the new year is going to bring, as well as what 35 will bring.

1. Get rid of 60lbs. I don't want to lose it because you usually want to find things you lose.
2. Menu plan, will save time, money and help with 1.
3. Eat breakfast everyday. I'm horrible about eating breakfast.
4. Get all recipes on cards. I might use them more if I don't have to dig through a box.
5. Get the kids in the kitchen to help cook more. They both usually enjoy it.
6. Read "Little Women". My name came from the book and yet I've never read it.
7. Get my first mani and pedi. Nope never had one!
8. Start going to church again. I haven't gone consistently in several years.
9. Watch "The Wizard of Oz" This movie scares me to death.
10. Get to and maintain at least 65 items in my store.
11. Add digital cards to my shop.
12. Hold a couple of sales in my shop.
13. Find ways to cut shipping and supply costs.
14. Add wedding invites, programs and guest books to my shop.
15. Add American Girl clothes to my shop.
16. Get my vision of "Colorful Minimalist" into my products and shop. Will blog more about this later.
17. Learn calligraphy. Maybe not the "traditional" style, but I want to explore more with handwriting.
18. Learn more about graphic design. Can't afford to go back to school now so I will teach myself some.
19. Teach Audrey to sew. I wish I would have learned when I was younger!
20. Make mini books for me and to sell.
21. Do more DIY items.
22. Do something creative everyday. Even just something small.
23. Do 12 on 12 every month. Take 12 pictures on the 12th every month.
24. Give more handmade items. Even if I'm not the one to make them.
25. Send/give cards every month to someone just for fun.
26. Project 365. There are several sites for this, but I found a site that will email me a prompt everyday.
27. Clean up external hard drive completely. Started good last year and then went downhill.
28. Blog at least 5 times a week.
29. Be less crazy about things like how the kids pick up their room and put away their clothes.
30. Be more patient. I am so not a patient person.
31. Declutter. 40 bags in 40 days! You can find lots of info on the web about it.
32. Stop biting my nails. I don't want them really long, but I want them to have a little nail to them.
33. Play more games with Dart and Audrey. We have a ton of board games and a ton of Wii games.
34. Keep inbox and google reader cleaned out. They got out of control several times this year.
35. Enjoy life more!!

1 comment:

  1. Accomplish 32 and we'll go do 7 together! Happy New Year!


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