Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update to do list and other stuff

  • start handmade holiday shopping series on the blog, which means I get to spend some time "screen" shopping on Etsy for awesome gift ideas. If you have something you are looking for let me know and I will see what I can find.-got the ideas, just need to start posting
  • 3 banner orders-one last one needs a few things to finish it.
  • cupcake topper order
  • Christmas tree shadow box for a friend for her school Christmas party-got paper picked out
  • new banner for my blog-Haha!!
  • Thanksgiving cards-nope
  • edit a friends pictures I took-working on still
  • edit sisters wedding pictures-went through and deleted bad ones
  • pictures of new items
  • list something in the shop everyday!
  • work on more product-got a few ideas
This week ended up being really crazy due to book fair and some other stuff. Hoping to do better next week.

Spent 3 hours today CLEANING Audrey's room. I mean we sorted things back into the correct buckets. My goodness Barbie stuff is tedious to sort. Cleaned off the book shelf and it looks so pretty now. After it was done had a long talk with Audrey about keeping her stuff picked up. We'll see how long it lasts!

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away. I'm looking forward to the food, the football, and hanging out laughing with my family. And of course shopping on Black Friday. I will get my lists made this week of who is getting what!!! Can't wait to share the stuff that I'm making this year.

To kick off the gift giving ideas, here is a great idea for the person who has everything, you never know what to get, or has arthritis. It's a jar opener my grandpa makes. It mounts under your cabinets freeing both hands to hold the jar you are attempting to open. My grandma has really bad arthritis in her hands and she uses this with no trouble. Opens everything from spaghetti jars to 2 liter bottles. It really is a great gift idea! If you are interested see my etsy store or email me.

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