Friday, November 11, 2011


11 things about our 11-11-11

1. I worked on some banners
2. A glimpse at the new bookmark the kids picked out for me while at Barnes and Noble with grandma.
3. Audrey watched Scooby Doo! We are big Scooby Doo lovers in this house.
4. A look out my living room window! Clear sky, bare trees, nice crisp fall day.
5. Audrey's box of crayons. She spent a little while sorting them all by color.
6. Dart playing Madden '11 on Wii.
7. My new favorite drink. Fuze Peach Mango! So yummy!
8. Pizza for dinner. Made the sauce from scratch(will share the recipe soon)
9. Watched Alf while we ate. We have season 1 on dvd.
10. Spent lots of time perusing Pinterest. Love that site.
11. Audrey and Dart played Wipeout on Wii for a while after dinner.

Nothing real amazing or out of the ordinary for our 11-11-11, but I want to remember this day even if it wasn't any different than most days. Kids were out of school because it was parent/teacher conferences. Their conferences were last night. Great reports on both kids. Audrey is "very social" as her teacher said. Ha, we all know that! Dart is a hard worker and able to seperate himself well when others are talking instead of working. I was a bit worried since 2 of his closest friends are in his class, how all of that would go. Proud of both of them.

Another quick story to share; Dart came to me today and told me he wanted to talk to me in private. We went on our room and he said "I want to go see a movie with Jenna in January. This gives you all of the rest of this month, all of December and part of January to meet her parents." I tried hard to keep from screaming "are you crazy????" I listened to him all the while thinking "why is my baby growing up so fast. I want my baby boy back!!!" I'm not ready for him to have any interest in girls and dating. Now obviously he won't be going on a date, he is only 10, but I know this is just the beginning. When I texted my brother to tell him about it his response was "That's my boy!" Yay, thanks a lot there brother. Wonder if he would feel the same way if it was Audrey wanting to go see a movie with a boy! Something in me says not only would his response be "He## NO!!!" but he'd be stalking her at school to make sure no boy came within 100 yards of her. I do have to give Dart credit for the fact of thinking it out so that we could meet her parents and he also said he would go see whatever movie she wanted to, even if it was a romance. I'm just not ready for this. I want my baby boy who loved Bob the Builder and Spiderman back. I want the boy who only wanted to go see a movie with his mommy back!

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