Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Musings

  • My "Lonely tire swing in Winter" was featured in an Etsy Treasury today. Please check it out here.
  • I spent my morning at a very disappointing Holiday Shopping event. I had a booth with cards, American Girl clothes and some other stuff. There were a total of 5 shoppers the entire time. Thankfully it did not cost us anything to do it, but still disappointing.
  • I'm interested in what your thoughts are on what makes something "handmade"? Does it have to be completely handmade from scratch type thing or does say a card where the maker has stamped an image, cut the image out and adhered it to the card count? What about stamping on a card and coloring the image in? Just something to think about. 
  • Who is the most difficult person to shop for on your list? What do you usually end up getting them?
  • One advantage to the bummer fair this morning is I have lots of stuff made now so the shop will be getting stocked over the next week or so! 
  • My craft table is buried in junk right now. It is scary! 
  • Watching "Finding Nemo" right now! Dart LOVED this movie when he was little.
  •  I found out today we are getting a "new" JoAnn's!!! I'm so excited. It won't be HUGE, but when you compare it to the one we have now anything will be an improvement. Ours now is awful. Fabric section isn't horrible, but compared to my mom's it is bad and the scrapbook section is PITIFUL!! I say "new" because we already have one and it's not going in a new building, which makes me happy because at least they are using some of the empty buildings in town. 
Update on my to-do list from this week:
  • Rag coasters(will post pics when I get a set done) still need to take pics
  • Christmas cards
  • headbands
  • American Girl clothes
  • Holiday Planners(if I can get them to come out the way I want) still trying to get them to work
  • mini books
  • Thanksgiving banners
  • Christmas tags
 Don't forget to "Fall back" tonight!!!!

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