Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. So this is a little late, but it will still be Tuesday when I finish it.

2. Decided I needed a day off. Life has been CRAZY lately and so today I decided I wasn't going to get upset with myself if I didn't do all the things I thought needed to be done. It felt good and I'm actually really ready to tackle the list tomorrow.

3. Instead today I watched Audrey hula hoop with her new hula hoop. She is crazy good on it. Cracks me up when she gets her butt moving so fast and then her whole body gets going and somehow her butt stops.

4. Played football with Dart this evening. He bought himself a new football with a gift card he got for his birthday. He is so much fun to play catch with.

5. Speaking of birthday money, I need to get on him to get thank you's done. I'm telling you life has been so crazy I haven't even thought of that.

6. We rented Spooky Buddies tonight from Red Box. My kids love the buddies movies and I have to admit I do too. I think my favorite movie is Santa Paws. And my favorite buddy...Butterball.

7. Kids have an early release day tomorrow. Someone remind me on twitter or facebook tomorrow. I always stress over remembering that. I think we are going to hit the library after school!

8. Hoping to get the kids out one evening this week to do pictures. Need to do Audrey's 6 year pictures, Dart's 10 year pictures and want some for Christmas cards and gifts as well.

9. Dart's baseball season is over FINALLY! I swear we have been playing since January. Last night was the last game and they played AWESOME! Dart had a great diving stop and threw to the first baseman sitting down and should have had the guy out, but the ump called him safe! All the boys and coaches wore bright pink sweat bands in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. They all knew why they were wearing them too and NOT ONE even blinked when the mom was handing them out. They all took them and wore them with pride. Love all those boys.

10. Wow, this was a lot easier to write this week than last week. Maybe I should start doing this post in the evening.

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