Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Lots on the mind for today:
  • My cousin's wife is having a boy! For so long girls ruled in our family, slowly the boys are catching up. Best news is all is well and healthy!
  • My grandpa jacked up his thumb in his workshop on Saturday and decided today that he might need more than just the tape he had on it. Why do men do this?
  • Listed a couple of card sets today, have another to list tomorrow and finally my rag quilt to list. 
  • Working on an Easter card set now. Love the little bunny and chick stamps I have to use. Hoping to design a couple more sets as well
  • I have a serious addiction to graph paper. I use it for almost everything. Very rarely do I use regular lined paper. Weird I know
  • I LOVE Celebrity Apprentice. But I often wonder what else The Donald's admin asst. Amanda does other than let the celebrity's know they can go back in. Also why does she always answer him on speaker phone and then inform them they can go in, like they can't hear it for themselves. Yes, I'm weird like that!
  • I'm declaring April use it or lose it on my cabinets in my kitchen. Why do we have 4 boxes full of Kool-Aid packets? Seriously we need to use them up. 
  • We are on a Harry Potter kick in our house. We have never seen the movies(and I'm ducking now to avoid the objects being thrown my way). We have watched 1 and 2 and are getting ready to watch 3. We only have 4, so need to find the others. 
One of the card sets listed on Etsy today.

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