Wednesday, March 30, 2011

At the Moment

Listening: The silence actually. Everyone is in bed, so I'm hearing a fan and me typing. Kind of strange.

Eating: Nothing, time for bed almost.

Drinking: Water, with a bit of lemon juice. Yummy!

Wearing: flannel Owl pants my mommy bought me and my ES sister shirt.

Feeling: Sleepy, stressed, worried, excited, creative, sleepy

Weather: Cold again today, but supposed to be warming up soon. I hope it sticks around this time, because I'm done with the cold and snow.

Wanting: Lots of orders in my Etsy shop. A new bone folder because mine is about done, a new cutting mat because mine has massive cut marks in it, and some more greeting stamp sets.

Needing: Lots of orders in my Etsy shop. A new bone folder and a new cutting mat. Money! A day to stay home and not leave!

Thinking: Of all the things I want to make, ideas rolling around in my head for so many different things. I need to focus.

Enjoying: The kids being on spring break and getting to sleep in some. Although by the time we get up I feel like half my day is gone.

Wondering: When Spring is going to come and stay? So many other things.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Hump Day! I love Wednesday because it means Modern Family. ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON TV!!

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