Monday, January 31, 2011

Make it Monday

I have a feeling this is going to be another crazy week, however I'm also hoping that I will get lots of crafting/creating time in since it's looking like we will be stuck inside for a while. Currently under a blizzard warning until Wednesday sometime. Yipee!

Hoping to get done this week:
  • More digital cards
  • A few "generic" banners. Non-holiday themed. 
  • A set of stuff for a local school auction
  • Scrapbook pages(didn't get my 4 for January done, will get them done this week. It will count right?!
  • Some mini books. For some reason I have an itch to make mini books.
  • Sewing. Don't know what, other than a curtain, just know I want to sew.
These are going to be Audrey's Valentines for school. 2 fit on a print, will cut them out and add them to another handmade card. She is very excited about these. Now if I could get her brother to figure out his.

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