Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 on Sunday

So this week could get interesting. Calling for snow/sleet tomorrow evening and then 12"-18" of snow through Wednesday morning. UGH! Wind Chills the rest of the week could be nasty!

1. We have 2 neighbors in the process of moving. One set I'm sad to see go, very quiet and very rarely do they cause any problems. The other, not so much them causing problems as their extended family. So glad to see their drama go.

2. Got lucky and hit the store before the masses were out to stock up for what many are calling a potentially historic and life-threatening storm. Remember to check in on your loved ones, especially the older loved ones. Don't forget the furry critters as well.

3. Will be doing a check in on my 34 before 35 list this week. Hard to believe we are a month into the year. How's your new years resolutions going?

4. Looking forward to the Super Bowl. Love the game, but it also means we are that much closer to baseball season.

5. Crossing my fingers that the kids get to go to school a full day tomorrow. Early release days are no fun for anyone and last time they did get out early the normal 15 minute drive home took 45. UGH!

6. My brother is doing great. Went back to school last week. Can't go back to work yet because he can't lift anything over 10 pounds, which might be difficult being a bus boy. He said he has a scar about a foot long on his chest and as he put it "The chics will totally dig it!"

7. With Valentine's Day just around the corner don't forget to check Etsy for gift ideas. So many great ideas and in the process you can support handmade small businesses.

Thank you card set.

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