Monday, January 10, 2011

Make it Monday

I had plans to post this earlier, but then got thrown for a loop when our school district announced they were letting out early. I still had to finish my grocery list and hit the store. So glad I went before I got the kids, because what is normally about a 15 minute drive home became a 45 minute drive home. UGH!!

This week I will make:
  • Valentine's cards for etsy shop. I have some really simple and basic designs and some more detailed ideas as well
  • Valentine's banners. I really need to find a box of conversation hearts to get some other ideas for wording. 
  • Card for the secretary at the kids school who's father passed away over the weekend.
  • General greeting cards for a friend
  • Thank you cards for a friend
  • General greeting cards for my etsy shop. 
  • Finish Audrey's snowman dress. 
  • Make some doll clothes??? 
  • Embroidered bookmarks for etsy shop???
I really want to do some sewing and so those last 3 would make me really happy. I don't know that I will get to the doll clothes and bookmarks, but we'll see.

So pretty outside. Only because I'm inside and don't have to go out. It was HORRIBLE out there.

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