Friday, January 28, 2011

Follow Up Friday

I can't believe it is Friday already. I really would love for the kids to have a full week of school(off today for Teacher Collaboration day). I'm all off again with them home today. At least the temps have been warmer so I've been able to kick them outside to run the stink off some. And there's rumor of another major snowstorm coming our way next week. I hope not because next week is the only week we have school everyday for the next 4 weeks.

I'm almost afraid to check and see how I did on Make It Monday this week. I feel like I've done nothing, but honestly I've done a ton of decluttering, especially of the digital kind.

Here we go:
  • Digital card designs. Made a couple and I'm really enjoying making them. Had a light bulb moment over the weekend and it's really made it so much more fun. Made a total of 5 so far and have a few more sketched out to do later.
  • Thank you cards. I have an order I need to get out. Got 10 of the set done and another 5 all cut out, just need to get put together.
  • Cards, banner, and stationary set for a school fundraiser. Might not get all of those done, I have a couple of weeks, but want to get started at least.  Didn't make anything yet, but I have paper cut for the desk set and the banner planned out.
  • Curtain for a friend's room. Very simple valance really. Will probably take me longer to find where I put the fabric then to actually put it together.  Fabric is found.
  • Scrapbook pages. I set a goal to do 4 a month and so far this month I've done a big fat 0. Only have a few days left in the month. Although yesterday when I was looking for a picture of something in my actual printed stuff I was really inspired and excited to scrapbook again. I haven't done an actual page in probably a year. Have done 0 pages, but I'm hoping to this evening while we chill out and watch a movie.

Guess I didn't do as bad as I thought.

I did make some head way on some other things as well, so that makes me happy. Trying out a new to-do list set up for me. I've decided that I need to see more than one day at a time and I'm so not a planner kind of girl. I'm also not a digital calendar girl. I'm a simple paper and sharpie kind of girl.

The cover to my OLW album. I have the inside pages done and all ready to be filled.

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