Wednesday, December 29, 2010


To take action or a state of being.

Wondering why you are getting a vocabulary lesson today? Verb is my One Little Word for 2011. Ali Edwards inspired the OLW movement and while in years past I've chosen a word, I have never felt like I have with this one. I don't even remember my other words now that I think about it. I started thinking about mine after Thanksgiving and verb was one of the first words that popped in my head, but I kept trying to come up with other words. I always came back around to verb. A week or so ago, I just decided to go with it. Something is telling me this is my word for the new year so I'm going to shut up and listen. I think it also goes well with my 34 before 35 list and so many of the things on it.

I know I still need to do Day 2 and 1 of Christmas, working on pictures for them.

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