Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Do you have that one blog or website that no matter how you are feeling you know you can go to and you will be inspired, motivated, or just plain happy? For me I have a few, but there is one in particular that if you were to scroll through my "inspiration" tab you will find over and over again. Elise Blaha's website, Enjoy It is the source of my inspiration and motivation many times. Today she wrote a post about a "Fresh Start". Yet again she inspired me with a short and simple post. Her words "Just Start" were what I've been needing to read and hear.

My mind is now bubbling with excitement and focus. I am working on my one word for the new year, thinking about merging my 2 blogs so I only have 1 blog to update and allow my customers to get to know me better, and finalizing my 34 before 35 list(can't wait to share it). Working on New Year's decorations to put in the shop. Hope to have those there this weekend. Hoping the roads aren't too bad so I can go to the library tomorrow. I have a couple things that came in today that I can't wait to get my hands on, one is a book on book binding and another is a dvd about the movement to a handmade nation. I am also determined to watch Eat, Pray, Love sometime soon. I know it's not a Christmas movie, but something is telling me I need to watch it soon. I haven't read the book so all that I've read about not liking the movie after reading the book doesn't bother me.

So with all this I am feeling much better, still a little under the weather, but my mental state is much better. Looking forward to new beginnings, new ideas, and starting....NOW!!

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