Sunday, November 7, 2010

7 on Sunday

1. Not a good weekend for my favorite NFL and NCAA football teams. Both lost games they should have won. Mizzou just looked horrible after the first quarter. Didn't get to watch the Chiefs, but from all I've read it was ugly all around.

2. Short week for us school wise this week. Friday is Parent/Teacher conferences so no school. However, I got lucky and our P/T is Thursday. Can't wait to hear what their teachers have to say.

3. Got to see my brother Friday night. The kids love having him around, so I'm really hoping he decides to go to Mizzou next year. Audrey cried and cried when he left Saturday morning. The 2 of them have a crazy bond, she thinks he walks on water and hung the moon and he pretty much feels the same about her.

4. I miss sewing. Haven't sewn much lately and thinking this week I'm dragging my machine out and doing some major sewing.

5. Finally got around to making a facebook page for Pink Owl Designs. Please go over and like my page. Hope to get lots more pictures up on it this week. Also have decided to just post the Handmade Gift Ideas on my Pink Owl Blog, so if you want to keep up on them, make sure you visit it.

6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this advent calendar idea from Ali Edwards. I am so going to do something like this.
We have an advent that you take a piece of candy off each day, one that you flip over a different piece each day and it makes a whole nativity scene. I also have one sitting under my desk ready to make that I think I'm going to make for myself of photos to take each day. Also my mom always gets something for the kids, Audrey usually gets a Littlest Pet Shop one and Dart until last year always got the Lego one. Now he's decided he is too big for Lego's, so last year my mom got him the "We wish you a Merry Christmas" game for the Wii that has something you can unlock each day. I think this year she is getting him a Charlie Brown Christmas board game. We love games and Snoopy so I can't wait. Also thought about wrapping 24 books to be opened each day ending with 'Twas the Night before Christmas. So many ideas, I need to get started NOW!

7. So thankful for that extra hour of sleep today. I needed it I guess since I didn't wake up until 10:45. Can't remember the last time I slept that late or anywhere near that late. Felt good though.

Hope everyone has a great week. Will be back tomorrow with Make it Monday. Also working on something new for Friday's.

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