Sunday, October 31, 2010

7 on Sunday

1. I am pretty sure we have enough candy to last us the next 2 Halloween's. Holy cow did they clean up! My arm is sore from carrying the extra bucket we took for Audrey to dump her little bucket into.

My Ninja and gymnast. Dart didn't like any of the ninja costumes we found in the store so he made his own.

2. No school on Tuesday because several of our elementary schools are polling locations. Kind of wish it was tomorrow that we had no school. I will however be glad when the elections are over. SICK OF THE ADS!

3. Hoping the Rangers can turn things around and come back and win some more games in the World Series.

4. Hard to believe there are only 2 months left in this year. It has FLOWN by.

5. My brother will possibly be having heart surgery in December in Ann Arbor, MI. Very complicated surgery. Thankfully he is extremely healthy and has an EXTREMELY healthy heart, so those things could work for him.

6. Moving Soup on Sunday to a different day I think. Or maybe there will just be 2 posts on Sunday, although this week Soup on Sunday will be on Monday again. Too tired to find the recipe I wanted to use tonight.

7. Starting tomorrow I'm doing a 25 days of handmade gifts to give. Thinking I will be posting it here and on my Pink Owl Blog as well. Will be a range of gifts for those who have everything to ideas for kids to ideas for teachers and more. Might extend it to 30, but will depend on how many I can come up with.

7.1. Hard to believe there are only 2 months left in this year. Although to be honest I am ready for 2010 to be over and I know of a lot of other people are hoping 2011 is much better than 2010 has been.

Back tomorrow with Soup on Sunday, Day 1 of gifts and Make it Monday. Wow, 3 posts in one day. I really hope I get them all done.

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