Monday, August 23, 2010


AAAHHH!!!!  Life is feeling good. Kids are in school(3rd day) and I am loving the routines. Ok, life is still crazy, spending lots of time at the baseball field, but at least my days are mine. Being the OCD organized freak I am, this is feeling so much better. I sat down last night and wrote out a "schedule" for things I want to do on this blog. Hoping that now that life is a little more controlled I can keep up on here. 

Decided that on Monday's I'm going to put on here the things I hope to work on during the week, mostly crafty/photography stuff, but may include other stuff if I need to remember it!

This week:
  • work on cards for my Etsy shop(Halloween, card sets, Christmas, etc)
  • work on treat toppers for Etsy shop
  • Senior session edited
  • work on editing all summer pictures
  • PTA cards, I am the VP at my kids school for PTA and one of my jobs is membership so I have to get these done since I totally forgot them on back to school night
  • Start Christmas ideas(I am doing pretty much handmade, with the exception of my kids) so I need to get started and organzied
  • Catch up on my shuttercal calendar
  • start organizing my external hard drive(it is a mess with things duplicated and a such)
  • BLOG!
I am so excited to get started seriously on Holiday stuff.  I love Fall and am excited for the smells and crafts and all that come along with it. So many ideas swirling in my head that I can't wait to get out. 

Anyone else excited about the routine that either school brings or even just the end of summer and all the activities that come with summer?

Since I don't like not having a picture on a post here's one from their first day of school. Check out the grip she has on his shirt. She was a little nervous, but is now a PRO and so excited for school.

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