Saturday, January 9, 2010

A blog for me

I've wanted to do a blog for me for a while. Once in a while kids will appear, but not like on my blog for family members to read. This one is about me and the things I enjoy, like photography, crafting, reading, decorating, and all the other crazy things I find on the road to my passions.

First on my list is the 33 things I will do before I turn 34. I decided to do this instead of New Year's Resolutions this year. Helps that my birthday is New Year's Day. I always do resolutions and feel if I haven't started on them by Feb 1 it's a bust. Well this way I'm giving myself all year long.

33 Things to before I turn 34:
1. Complete Couch to 5K(this will be a biggy for me. Want to run the Turkey Trot)
2. Learn to knit
3. Learn to applique
4. Learn all things blogger has
5. Improve PSE skills
6. Get my craft business up and going
7. Be Happy with myself
8. Project 365(I might put those pictures here as well)
9. Learn all about my Wacom Tablet
10. Read 6 Classics, including Little Women
11. Learn to embroider
12. Learn all about flicker
13. Be more green
14. Journal weekly(some here and some in a journal)
15. Make time to create daily
16. Get a mani and pedi(shocker, I've never had either)
17. Explore more with digital scrapping
18. Take better care of me
19. Take a Jessica Sprague class
20. Let go of things better
21. Take a photography class
22. Start a garden
23. Print pictures monthly
24. Do more sewing
25. Yoga
26. Be better with money
27. Start a blog for me(Yahoo! One complete, now to keep it up)
28. Explore more of my creative side
29. Send more "fun" cards
30. Learn more about movie maker
31. Make a book of me
32. Menu plan weekly(week 1 good)
33. Learn more about my copics and different coloring techniques

None of this is earth shattering, but it's all in pursuit of living my passions.

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