Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Tops

A friend posted this article on Facebook sometime last week and WOW!!! I think we all deal with some if not all of these at some time.

Last week there were 2 issues on the ballot for Columbia schools. One being a bond issue and the other a tax levy. Both passed!!! I am so happy they both passed.

I start my new job on Monday the 16th. I will still be doing all my Pink Owl stuff, but this opportunity was perfect.  I will be an administrative assistant in the Endocrinology Department at University Hospital. I'm excited, the hours are perfect and it's going to be a great thing!

Yesterday I got an email from THE STACY JULIAN informing me I won a giveaway on her blog! I'm so excited. I get a scanning package from ScanCafe.  I'm really excited. First I never win anything!! Second I have lots of pictures that are from my dad's childhood that I would love to be preserved better.

Speaking of pictures there is a great new(at least to me) site called 1000memories. You can upload pictures and then add other people so they can help you figure out the story behind the picture.

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