Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Picture organizing and new products

 Made some good headway on pictures yesterday. I started simple, I was making things too complicated and it was really frustrating me. I had to make things simple, so I thought about what it is I take pictures of. My family, my kids, the vacations we take, the snow, school and sport events, places we go, things I make, and celebrations and holidays. As I listed these things it became clear how to sort them:  people, places and things. Some pictures were easy to sort, some not so easy. The hard were pictures of things around the house, my rooms growing up(mostly because it was things around my room), and sports. Here's what my breakdown looked like:

People-kids, family, friends, pets(okay so they aren't people, but they are part of our family!)

Places-vacations, field trips, homes, parks, school(I will explain school because it appears in 2 spots)

Things-Holidays, celebrations(weddings, showers, graduations, etc), snow/weather/landscapes/nature, craft projects, things around the house, sporting events, school, and birthdays.

School appears in places and things because some things were events and some were just of school. If it is an event at school it goes under things, if it is simply the kids outside school or something like that it went on places. Another tough one was the pictures I took of my room or around the house. I had to ask myself what the picture really was of, the item or the room. If it was the item it went in things because it was a picture of that thing. Some I had to ask myself if a stranger was to look at the picture what would they see, would they see an item or a room? That helped me decide. I had some other pictures that I had to think about those as well.

What about all those "professional" pictures. School pictures went under places(I know it seems strange, but I decided that the picture was taken because of school). Family of course went under people. I had some from when my brother was little and if it had the number of his age I decided it was thing because it was taken because of a birthday.

I had a box full of those that I wasn't really sure about, so I asked myself a few questions. What is the picture of? Why was the picture taken? If a stranger looked at it, what would they see? Those questions really helped on those pictures. I still have a few I'm just not sure where I want them to go, but I think I will get them figured out today. I know it might seem crazy to sort so many times, but I really think starting super simple will actually make things easier. I think before I had too many categories and it made me stress over whether or not I was putting it in the right spot. Now comes the fun part of sorting these 3 categories a little more. I have my lists going and will share those tomorrow.

I also wanted to share just a few new items that will be going in the Etsy shop this week. I am so excited about the Love/Valentine's Day mini book!
The cover and back of the mini book! The colors are very Valentine's Day, but it does not have to be Valentine's Day!

A simple mixed greeting card set!

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