Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Hopefully we can get back on track this week. A couple of new recipes to try and some old favorites. I am hoping to try at least 1 new one every week. Also this week I have a couple of crock pot recipes. I love using my crock pot. Makes the house smell good and it's nice to get everything ready in the morning and let it go all day.

Monday-Pasta with the works. Great for using up various veggies in the fridge and it has pepperoni so the kids love it.
Tuesday-Hot Dogs and Mac and Cheese easy one for gymnastics night
Wednesday-Taco Soup Looks like this is going to be our coldest day this week. This can be done on the stove or in the crock pot.
Thursday- Italian Chops So easy and yummy.
Friday- Pizza Anyone who likes Mexican/Taco Pizza here's a great recipe for making it at home.
Saturday- Enchilada Casserole This is a new one this week. Looks yummy and easy!
Sunday- Peperoncini Beef Sandwiches Another new one. I love that this one looks to be so easy to toss in the crock pot.

If you want any of the recipes for those that I didn't link, let me know.

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