Monday, October 24, 2011

Happiness Highlights!!

For so many of us Monday is not a day we look forward to. I have decided to make Monday a little brighter for me and while I may not do this every week I am hoping to do it a few Mondays!

Gorgeous few days ahead of us! Looking forward to it before it gets cold again!

Had a great weekend. It was a very busy one, but still great.

I had a friend who had extra tickets to the MU/OK ST game so the kids and I went. While the score wasn't what we wanted, we still had a blast.

I am also so happy to have got these:
Dart in front of the J-School! His future school.
Miss Sassy Pants! No need to give her posing directions she does them on her own. She also got her picture taken by the Art Museum. She says she wants to be an artist and an art teacher when she grows up, but we didn't make it over to the education building.

And this one, that as a friend of mine put it "shows their personalities!" Miss Sassy Pants and Mr. Sweet and Focused. It amazes me daily the difference in their personalities and at the same time the few similarities they have.

My biggest happiness is those 2 crazy kids. My sassy daughter and my sweet son!!

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