Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blogging break

Obviously I took a break. Didn't plan on it, it just kind of happened thanks to life. Between a graduation, end of school, baseball, dance camp and a tournament out of town I feel like we have been doing nothing but going going going. Oh and a little girl also turned 6 recently. This weekend is going to be another crazy weekend. We have a baby shower for my cousins wife, 2 birthday parties, one for my cousins little boy who turned 1 recently and the other for Miss Audrey, and then my parents annual 4th of July party is on Sunday. Once we come home it's going to be lots of baseball as we gear up for the Show Me State Games.

I have been busy working on pillow case shirts and dresses, subway prints, banners, and cards. I also have a blanket cut and ready to sew. I'm starting to think about Halloween designs and even dare I say Christmas stuff. Hard to believe we are reaching that point where it's time to think about those things. I plan on spending lots of time with my sewing machine soon working on doll clothes. I will admit, I'm finding it a lot harder to work with the kids at home.

I am excited for The Voice finale, but also sad it's almost over. I have never been an Idol fan, but I have really enjoyed The Voice. I want Javier to win. Although I don't get to watch tonight because we have a PTA meeting tonight. Actually we will be voting to dissolve as a PTA and become a PTSO. It's been a VERY hard year for us in regards to support from MO PTA. I'm really excited about all the things we will be able to do as a PTSO though.

Hard to believe this little girl is 6 now. She had her first major wipeout on her bike the other day. Crashed into her brother and went over the handle bars. No major injuries, just some scrapes and bruises. Her legs are covered in bug bites, bumps, scrapes and bruises. You can tell it is summer and she is living outside. She did spend most of yesterday inside not feeling well. I think she was just worn out. She and I spent the day cuddling, catching up on The Voice and reading.

Speaking of reading the kids and I all signed up for the Summer Reading program at the library. Dart has decided to start the Hardy Boys series. I didn't realize there were so many now. I finished Smokin 17 and cannot wait for 18 to come out. If you have never read any of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, run don't walk to your library to get the first. They are SO FUNNY!!

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